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GYEF Fall Forum


A forum dedicated to connecting students to guest speakers from business, finance, and economic backgrounds. You'd get the chance to network, gain valuable insight from current CEOs/Entrepreneurs, Harvard/Columbia Business Professors, Stock Managers, and so much more!

This forum is open to the public. No fee will be taken. 
Date: October 23rd, 2021 

1 PM EST: Hear from Francesca Gino, Harvard Business School Professor and Best-Selling Author of "Rebel Talent" (DeyStreet, 2018) and "Sidetracked" (HBR Press, 2013). TEDx speaker (The Power of Why)

2 PM EST: Breakout Room Session 1
- Business (Room 1): Mimika Cooney, Mindset & Business Coach
- Finance (Room 2): Jeanette Yu. Global Equity Manager
- Entrepreneurship (Room 3): Elizabeth Scallon, Award-winning leader in the Pacific Northwest startup ecosystem. Elizabeth is a scientist, mentor, and 15-year leader in scientific and technological innovation

3 PM: Speed Networking Breakout Rooms
- Networking Room 1: Antoine Alexander - Head of Networking & Events of Networking with Purpose, a service that brings today’s top leaders in entrepreneurship and business to help you get past your challenges so you can focus on achieving your current business goals.
- Networking Room 2: Roshni Surpur, Student at Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School of Business (Business Administration & CS)
- Networking Room 3: Ying Li, Biotech & Pharma Commercialization, Global Shaper @ World Economic Forum
- Networking Room 4: Alisha Gupta, McCombs School of Business Co' 24

4 PM: Breakout Room Session 2
- Business (Room 1): Jessie Wilde, Business Consultant, Coach, Speaker
- Finance (Room 2): Mike Kimpel, Founder & CEO at Financeable, Professor at Columbia Business School
- Finance (Room 3): Jamiel Sheikh, Founder & CEO at Chainhaus, Professor at Columbia Business School

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