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GYEF International Essay Writing Competition Winner Spotlight

The Global Youth Economics Forum is excited to announce the winners of our global essay writing competition. Contestants were judged on a variety of factors - including cohesiveness of the argument, the strength of the thesis, critical thinking and argumentation skills, among others. All essays went through a rigorous 3 round anonymous judging.

Competition Summary/Winners:

1st place - Saanvi Tripuramallu, Ireland, Rockford Manor, 6th year, 16 Years Old

2nd place - Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Vietnam, École Puginier High School, 11th Grade, 16 Years Old

3rd place - Oceana Zhu, USA, The Bronx High School of Science, 11th Grade, 16 Years Old

Contestants were able to choose from 4 different prompts: student loan cancellation, the viability of cryptocurrency, the China and US trade war, and the impacts of the gig economy.


Written by: Saanvi Tripuramallu (Ireland)

Prompt: Recently, US President Joe Biden announced a student loan relief plan that will forgive $10,000 of student loan debt for those earning less than a certain threshold. This has led to a contentious debate in the public with some arguing that inflation will worsen. Others argue that college is a social good and should be treated as one. From your analysis, is this a good decision or not? Please explain why and describe the political and economic effects of this decision.


Written by: Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy (Vietnam)

Prompt: The gig economy changed what work could be like for many. People could earn money doing short-term jobs, stepping away from traditional employment. On the other hand, critics have called out the inhumane treatment of these workers including their lack of benefits. Evaluate the impact of the gig economy, its influence (if any) on the future of work, and your own stance on this topic.


Written by: Oceana Zhu (USA)

Prompt: China and the US have had a trade war since 2018, with former US president Donald Trump imposing protectionist policies on Chinese imports. Global trade increased by 3%. Who benefits from the conflict? What has it achieved? Are China and the US inevitable enemies or partners?

Congratulations again to all of our contestants! It was a very close vote, and we are so grateful to have you all partake in our competition. We had a wonderful diversity of participants in our competition from the United Kingdom, Africa, South America, India, North America, and more.

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